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Chaos to Calm Summit

August 10-13

How to move from anxiety and stress to calm and tranquility

find your

inner peace



qualified experts

Cheryl Viczko

Ava Curtola

Jillian Rutledge

Kendra Irvine

Kalina White

Dr. Candice Staniek

Juey Ann MacLeod

Ranchelle VanBryce



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Do you know that you CAN control your feelings of stress, anxiety and panic?

Our Chaos to Calm TeleSummit has brought together local experts to share with you techniques and tools for you to instantly apply to your life so that you no longer have to suffer from the uncertainty of not knowing when those ill feelings will show up in your lie.

I understand, it’s frustrating when people tell you that you are overreacting, are too sensitive or that you just get it together and be well. Over and over again, people have told Ranchelle that they prefer to suffer in silence rather than trying to explain why they ‘suddenly’ can’t go into a grocery store or attend an event that they have been looking forward to going to.

The Chaos to Calm Summit evolved because Ranchelle wanted to provide a solution for the men and women who didn’t know where to turn to. So, she gathered all of her experts that she has used herself over the years and came up with a simple AND affordable solution…. A TeleSummit. What is a TeleSummit? It is a ‘conference’ that is online so that you do not have to leave your home or office and won’t have to take time off to attend!

The TeleSummit starts August 10th and ends 13th. Each day several experts will be speaking to you for about an hour and it will include an opportunity for you to ask questions if you attend the TeleSummit live. Each practitioner will be providing you with how-to and tactics that you can start applying in your life immediately.

You will learn:

  • Fast, Natural Ways to De-stress
  • Habits to help you overcome panic attacks
  • Simple Secrets to De-compress
  • How to turn Stress into Energy that is useful
  • Techniques to help you and your children unwind in the evening
  • How to Recognize and Recover from Burnout
  • How to Make the most of your morning and other habits
  • How Supplements, Food, Water affect your stress and anxiety
  • Simple ways to meditate
  • How Breath Affects Your Body

For all the empaths, you will discover:

  • The triggers that unknowingly set you off
  • How to stop a panic attack BEFORE it happens
  • Signs of being an empath

These are just a few things you will learn on the TeleSummit.

No longer will you have to deal with having to ‘manage’ your life by being worried if today you will be too stressed or anxious to do something or go somewhere.

When you join the TeleSummit you will have access to many different kinds of experts, 18 in fact. Each practitioner will offer you something just a little bit different…. However, the theme will be the same. This Summit is all about you and how you can take control of your life.

I wanted to make this as simple and economical as possible so here is what you get….

Once you say ‘yes’ to moving from Chaos to Calm we will send you all the information you need so you will know how to join the TeleSummit. You will be able to join us LIVE by calling in with your phone or LIVE STREAM through your computer. If you can’t join us live we will send you a link so that you can listen OR if you purchase the recordings you can download them to your computer.


benefits & outcomes


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